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Advanced Discipleship Training specializes in providing Christian leadership training with audio and Videos so that each church leader knows how to grow in his relationship with God through God's Word, the Bible, strengthens his skills to better serve and have his heart shaped more like Christ's.


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Chichewa: The Making of a Godly Leader - Kapangidwe ka Mtsogoleri Wa Umulungu 1/2

#1/2 Isaiah 52:13-15 The Godly Leader Accepts God’s Design for His life - (Chichewa language of Malawi) Mtsogoleri Wa Umulungu Amavomereza Chi konzero. Understand the overall process God trains His people through difficult times (parabola - U). We will be able to get a great overview of our whole lives and ministries through Isaiah 52:13-15 so that we will not get locked into a sinful mindset that weighs down upon us. The vision God gives to us to live out our life for Him lifts us up and enables us to live above life’s difficulties.