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Episode 33 - The Religious Society of Friends (((The Quakers)))

In this episode I discuss the Quaker involvement in society from their founding in the mid-17th century by George Fox, the founding of Pennsylvania by William Penn, and their influence over other societal functions up to the current day. I also discuss briefly other such breakaway "Christian" groups.


'Quakers in commerce: A record of business achievement' by Paul H. Emden, [my primary source]

'Literary Circles and Cultural Communities in Renaissance England' by various essayists (specifically essay by Ernestine G. E. Van Der Wall),

'Anne Conway: A woman philosopher' by Sarah Hutton,

'Quakers in science and industry' by Arthur Raistrick,

'Margaret Fell: Mother of Quakerism' by Isabel Ross,

'Meeting House and Counting House' by Frederick Tolles,

'The First Wall Street: Chestnut Street, Philadelphia and the Birth of American Finance' by Robert E. Wright,

The essays of Ernestine G. E. Van Der Wall available on Leiden University Repository (

Robert Barclay & Kabbalah (pdf essay), by Michael Birkel -

Quaker Eugenics: Aninomies and Paradoxes -

Wikipedia - List of Quaker businesses, organisations and charities -,_organizations_and_charities

Wikipedia - List of Quakers -

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Youtube - BBC documentary: "When Bankers Were Good" -

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