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I share my thoughts and research into issues which affect primarily but not exclusively the indigenous British people and the White Gentile diaspora, but also global issues which affect everyone throughout the world.

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Alan Buttle Radio Show navigateright Episode

Hour 14 - Is fake disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence the Jewish way of destroying (uniting) all religions?

In this episode i discuss Carl Sagan and his 1980 "Cosmos" series, SETI Institute, Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell (Russell Pine?), Stanton Friedman, Bill Cooper, The Raelian Movement and others who promote theories which involve the existence of extraterrestrial life here on Earth or elsewhere, now or in the past.

Rosetta Delacroix's "Bill Cooper - Enemy of the White Race" -

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