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Hour 20 - New Horizon, Hollywoodism and Holocaust conferences in Iran and how they connect to the Western alt-right, Russia, international "Jewry" etc.

In this episode I discuss the New Horizon, Hollywoodism and Holocaust conferences in Tehran, Iran, mostly held in the last decade. I catalogue some of the Western groups / organisations listed as "friends" of the New Horizon conferences and give some details about them. I speak some more about anti-Zionism being a crucial Jewish agenda and I then speak about large-scale geopolitics, the ongoing Eastwards shift of power, the Belt and Road Initiative, etc.. - Friends - - Lots more information, connections, etc., to be found by going through this website. I really only scratched the surface. - Shady as Hell: The Veterans Today / RT / PressTV Disinformation Conglomerate (Part 1 – The Amazing Gordon Duff – Update 1) - - Jeremy Corbyn DEFENDS a controversial vicar who was banned from social media for sharing 'clearly anti-Semitic' material blaming Israel for 9/11 attacks -

New York Times - Right-Wing Groups Find a Haven, for a Day, in Russia -

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