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I share my thoughts and research into issues which affect primarily but not exclusively the indigenous British people and the White Gentile diaspora, but also global issues which affect everyone throughout the world.

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Hour 20 - New Horizon, Hollywoodism and Holocaust conferences in Iran and how they connect to the Western alt-right, Russia, international Jewry etc.

In this episode I discuss the New Horizon, Hollywoodism and Holocaust conferences in Tehran, Iran, mostly held in the last decade. I catalogue some of the Western groups / organisations listed as "friends" of the New Horizon conferences and give some details about them. I speak some more about anti-Zionism being a crucial Jewish agenda and I then speak about large-scale geopolitics, the ongoing Eastwards shift of power, the Belt and Road Initiative, etc.. - Friends - - Lots more information, connections, etc., to be found by going through this website. I really only scratched the surface. - Shady as Hell: The Veterans Today / RT / PressTV Disinformation Conglomerate (Part 1 – The Amazing Gordon Duff – Update 1) - - Jeremy Corbyn DEFENDS a controversial vicar who was banned from social media for sharing 'clearly anti-Semitic' material blaming Israel for 9/11 attacks -

New York Times - Right-Wing Groups Find a Haven, for a Day, in Russia -

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