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I share my thoughts and research into issues which affect primarily but not exclusively the indigenous European people and the White diaspora, but also global issues which affect everyone throughout the world.

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Title: Episode 37 - Personal update, more Coronavirus Crap analysis

Hour 9 - Veganism, simplistic moral issues, public's obsession with words, controlled "opposition".

December 15th, 2018

In this episode I discuss the rise of veganism, a demonstrably Jewish agenda, and I speculate on the reasons for this. I also discuss how the rise of… Go to Episode

Hour 8 - Meditations on Brexit.

December 8th, 2018

In this episode i discuss Brexit and speculate over the motivations behind the calling of the referendum and the potential benefits of the outcome to… Go to Episode

Hour 7 - Adolf Hitler was a product of the international bankers, and Hjalmar Schacht and the BIS prove it.

November 24th, 2018

In this episode i focus on the character of Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler's economics minister, twice president of the Reichsbank and co-founder and director… Go to Episode

Hour 6 - Mixed bag: Stop The War Coalition; End of Theresa May?; How sacred is Israel to the Jews?; Was Hitler the "Jewish" messiah?; United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

November 17th, 2018

Unlike previous shows I speak about a range of different topics today, including: Stop The War Coalition; End of Theresa May?; How sacred is Israel to… Go to Episode