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All Gas and Gaiters, predominantly farcical in nature, was set in the close of the fictional St Ogg's Cathedral and concerned various intrigues and rivalries among the clergy. The "gaiters" in the title refers to part of the traditional dress of bishops and archdeacons. The bishop was easygoing; his friend the archdeacon was elderly, tippling, and still appreciative of attractive women; and the bishop's chaplain was naïve and accident-prone. Their wish to live a quiet bachelor life was continually threatened by the overbearing dean, who tried to bring by-the-book rule to the cathedral.

Radio episodes

Series One: 1971

"The Bishop Rides Again" (5 January 1971)
"The Bishop Writes a Sermon" (12 January 1971)
"The Bishop Meets a Bird" (19 January 1971)
"The Bishop Turns to Crime" (26 January 1971)
"The Bishop Sees a Ghost" (2 February 1971)
"Only Three Can Play" (9 February 1971)
"The Dean Goes Primitive" (16 February 1971)
"The Bishop Gets a Letter" (23 February 1971)
"The Bishop Gives a Party" (2 March 1971)
"The Bishop Goes to Town" (9 March 1971)
"Give a Dog a Bad Name" (16 March 1971)
"The Bishop Gives a Shove" (23 March 1971)
"The Bishop Pays a Visit" (30 March 1971)

Series Two: 1972

"The Bishop Learns the Facts" (24 July 1972)
"The Bishop Takes a Holiday" (31 July 1972)
"The Bishop Buys a Car" (7 August 1972)
"The Bishop Gets the Sack" (14 August 1972)
"The Bishop Has a Flutter" (21 August 1972)
"The Affair at Cookham Lock" (28 August 1972)
"The Bishop Loves His Neighbour" (4 September 1972)
"The Bishop Beats the System" (11 September 1972)
"The Bishop Entertains" (18 September 1972)
"The Bishop Gains a Reputation" (25 September 1972)
"The Bishop Buys a Mug" (2 October 1972)
"The Bishop Loses his Chaplain" (9 October 1972)
"When In Rome" (16 October 1972)
"The Bishop Is Hospitable" (23 October 1972)
"The Bishop Gives a Present" (30 October 1972)
"The Bishop Takes Up Business" (6 November 1972)
"The Bishop Keeps his Diary" (13 November 1972)
"The Bishop Warms Up" (20 November 1972)
"The Bishop Shows his Loyalty" (27 November 1972)
"The Bishop Has a Rest" (4 December 1972)


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The Bishop Meets a Bird (19 January 1971)

The Bishop Meets a Bird (19 January 1971)