An Extraterrestrial in Oregon



The Master Hunter is from a desolate world that no longer has plant or animal resources; where the entirely carnivorous inhabitants subsist by harvesting prey on other planets. Fortunately, this galaxy has countless planets that they consider to be their hunting grounds; planets with abundant animal life. Unlimited worlds for an unlimited food supply. Their cadre of off-world Master Hunters are the sole providers of food. Partnered with an intelligent transport vessel a Master Hunter is the most successful hunter in this galaxy.

One of these Master Hunters and her intelligent transport vessel had previously discovered Earth and declared this planet to be a prime hunting ground. Future Master Hunters will come here to hunt the large animals that are worth harvesting and transporting to their home planet. However, only certain animals qualify as target prey according to their rules of the hunt, the imperative standard of morality for master hunters, which includes the laws that dictate which members of a target species may be harvested.

A second Master Hunter and his transport have diverted from their original course and landed at Douglas Reserve National Park in southeast Oregon intending to harvest targeted prey animals from the multitude of beef and buffalo that are grazing within the grass and wildflower filled valley in the National Park. With his intelligent transport’s advanced technology, this Master Hunter believes he has little need to be concerned about discovery, even conflict, by the human species. However, he will encounter threatening confrontations from his most formidable opponents, the military alien hunters who will converge on the National Park to confront and capture or destroy the alien and his transport vessel.

The senior and most experienced UFO hunter is a U.S. Air Force general who has allowed his objective sense of purpose to be overshadowed by a relentless antipathy toward extraterrestrial trespassers. He insists our planet has been visited over many years for nefarious purposes by intelligent creatures from other planets. This is his last chance to prove he is right.

The Master Hunter will have a fortuitous encounter with the Douglas County Sheriff; a retired Marine Corps warrior, expert in close combat skills, a war hero, and mother of two pre-teen children. The Sheriff will develop conflicting intentions toward this Master Hunter after he rescues her children from human predators. She later confronts him in a potentially violent way when she discovers that he considers some humans as prey animals; qualified to be harvested as food.

The humans are not the Master Hunter’s only complication with what should be a quick and productive hunt and harvest. His intelligent transport vessel incorporates an ultra-advanced digital intelligence and corresponding ego. It knows it is a more capable provider than the organic Master Hunter, whom it considers to be an unnecessary impediment to its sole purpose — to fill its storage compartments with fresh killed meat and return home.

This story gives the reader a look at alien technology and how the Master Hunter can operate with impunity on our planet. This is about cross-cultural conflict between humans, the Master Hunter, and the intelligent transport. RSS Feed URL

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