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Appy Hour is a podcast dedicated to help digital marketers get more value out of their mobile marketing efforts. This podcast will share tips on how to better engage with your mobile users, how to gain more insights from your user data and how to drive improved conversion and retention rates within your app.

Each episode features an interview with a thought leader or practitioner, discussing topics like: mobile app marketing tactics, leveraging user data, personalizing the user experience, user engagement, how mobile plays a crucial role in an omni-channel marketing strategy, and more.


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16: How Programmatic Advertising Aids in Monetizing Mobile Apps w/ Jocelyn Sheltraw

Mobile app monetization is the ultimate goal of most app developers today. The industry of mobile applications and the way that app developers monetize their applications has evolved a great deal in recent years. With a shocking 55% of people playing mobile games daily and the mobile app install business making nearly $6 billion in the last year alone, this space is incredibly appealing to those with a passion for technology and a desire to make money. To get a bit more insight about this industry and how app developers can monetize their mobile apps, we spoke with Jocelyn Sheltraw, mobile strategist at Rubicon Project. Rubicon Project aims to change the advertising space into one that is safe and mutually beneficial. Jocelyn explained to us the process of programmatic advertising and the benefits this process has in monetization of mobile applications.