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Are You Being Real? | The One & Only Podcast navigateright Episode

175 Dealing with What We Dislike About Ourselves

On this week’s episode, we continue our four-part Group Podcast series with our third episode where my guests discuss what that 'thing' about themselves is that they still struggle to love about themselves.  Not only do they get real about what they really dislike, but one of my guests reveals that they have deep, unresolved beef from years ago with another guest. It gets a little heated. It's definitely an episode you will not want to miss.

This week’s guests are:

  • Caitlin Turner: an empowering Instagram influencer (@gypsetgoddess).
  • Zach Puchtel: a musician and  transformational author of the upcoming book “The American.”
  • Amber Valdez: The "Life Purpose Cheerleader" coach and author of Stickie Affirmations.
  • Preston Smiles: a popular transformational YouTuber, and founder of ‘Man Cave,’ an online brotherhood of conscious men.

This concept was conceived from the positive feedback we received on Episode 149 where I brought in 5 of my friends and just sat around and talked about life and what’s real for us. If you'd like to listen to part 1 and 2 of this series, check out Episode 171 and Episode 173 where we discuss Negative Thoughts/Limiting Beliefs and Racist moments from our lives, respectively.


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