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Are You Being Real? | The One & Only Podcast navigateright Episode

176 Light vs Dark: Living Through Ups and Downs

On this episode, Mark shared with you his appearance on an episode of "The One You Feed" podcast.  We all have two 'wolves' inside of us: one is good and the other bad.  Our energy and focus is what provides nourishment and there is only so much to go around.  Do you feed the good wolf or the bad wolf? Mark goes into how these wolves show up in his life and how he deals with them. 

Also, the team at have put together a musical montage of some of the most stand-out moments of the past few weeks on the podcast.  Our hope is that you'll see yourself in these guests in knowing that EVERYONE goes through challenges and has felt the struggle.  You're not alone and you're in good company.   

Guests featured in the montage:
Matty Mo aka "The Most Famous Artist"
Ricki Lake
Andrew Horn
Amber Rae
Preston Smiles
Caitlin Turner
Amber Valdez
Alex Banayan

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