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ASCI Lounge: Musings of a Supply Chain Globetrotter

A recent article in the AFR reported that Generation X is producing a new wave of CEOs who are far more international than their US counterparts and are more likely to have been promoted from within.

In our latest podcast ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech interviews Scott Theuerkauf, Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider at Hastings Deering, about his successful supply chain management career across continents. Though he is not a CEO, Scott agrees that international experience is of the utmost importance for supply chain managers for the future.

Scott has 15 years of experience working in the construction, mining and heavy machinery industries across a variety of supply chain management roles including procurement, logistics and operations for companies including Commercial Metals Company, Rio Tinto and Caterpillar.

In his current role at Hasting Deering, Scott is responsible for end to end supply chain optimisation projects that improve supply chain performance, drive profitable growth and build new capabilities and functional excellence in the buying, renting, selling and support for Caterpillar machinery in the construction & mining industries. 

Scott relays his experiences working across some tough terrains but he also shares the soft skills he acquired a long the way and how they've helped in his current role.

He gives some encouraging advice to young practitioners in supply chain - the world's your oyster!

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