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ASCI Lounge Update: Your guide to the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme

In this episode, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, offers a simple guide to the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme. ASCI is the Professional Accreditation Body for the Australian Supply Chain industry. As such, we are asking the entire industry to become registered. Why? It has benefits at many levels:

  • on an industry level; professional registration raises the integrity of supply chain management, bringing the very best talent into our profession;

  • on an organisational level; professional registration reduces risk and raises the profile of supply chain amongst the senior executive board members.

  • on an individual level; professional registration offers supply chain executives professional indemnity, professional development, an ethics management process and the reputation that comes with practicing as a professional within a community.

In this podcast, Ivan covers:

  • What is the scheme?

  • What does it include?

  • What does it mean for me?

  • How do I become registered?

  • How do I maintain it?

  • How do I become a professional after registration?

More information is found at the ASCI website or via our email [email protected] 

Pathways exist for those who are not ready for registration. APICS certifications are a way to bolster your eligibility. If you’re considering starting or completing your certification journey in 2019 this is the last chance to get into an Online Certification Review course until 2020. APICS Online Certification Review Courses:

  1. Open for registration and commence in the first week in October.

  2. Registrations close September 22nd, 2019

  3. Classes are delivered weekly over 3-hour sessions 7-10pm Sydney Time.

  4. All classes are delivered by an APICS Accredited Facilitator who not only has held and maintained their certification but has industry experiencein the Asia Pacific region.

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