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I extend my sincerest thanks to the following for making the February 22, 2020 broadcast possible: Catherine Ladnier and John Mickey Robinson; Sue Hill McClenachan, and Kevin M.J. O'Connor of the Jeffrey Matthews Group, and listeners to the Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead Show. You're invited to help make future broadcasts possible through our GoFundMe campaign or by contacting us at [email protected] 

On the Saturday, February 22, 2020 broadcast of Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead I welcomed back Dr. Ken Ruoff, professor of History and Director of the Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University, Oregon. 

His new book -Japan’s Imperial House in The Postwar Era 1945-2019- has just been released. It is published by Harvard University Asia Center and available on Amazon or your preferred book vendor.

Dr. Ruoff is recognized as the world's leading authority on the Imperial House in Japan, often writing commentary for Japanese journals -and he has been interviewed by virtually every major media outlet in the world.

In 2004 Ruoff was awarded the Osaragi Jiro Prize for Commentary -Japan’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize- for the Japanese translation of his book The People’s Emperor: Democracy and the Japanese Monarchy 1945-1995

With the ascension of a new emperor and the dawn of the Reiwa Era, Ruoff has produced an expanded and updated study of the monarchy’s role as a political, societal and cultural institution in contemporary Japan. 

In 2014 the Japanese Consul General of Portland, Oregon presented him with a commendation for improving the understanding of Japan, and also enriching the cultural life of Portland both through programs inspired by his scholarship and programs sponsored by the Center for Japanese Studies.

Ruoff received his A.B. with Honors from Harvard College and his Ph.D. from Columbia University. He was a research fellow, then lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Hokkaido University. In 2004 he was a Visiting Fulbright Fellow at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at Kyoto University.

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