Back to the Bins


Disenfranchised by the modern comics industry, Paul Spataro and Bill Robinson now ply the timestream in a never-ending quest to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol' fashioned randomly-selected Comic Book back issues!! Journey with them now...back...Back To The Bins!!


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Title: Back to the Bins #435 - The Terminus Factor, Part 3

Back to the Bins #436 - Thing-Hulk, Round 7!

October 10th, 2020

Paul and Scott continue their Thing-Hulk Retrospective with a look at a two part tussle that features the artwork of George Perez! How does it stack up… Go to Episode

Back to the Bins #435 - The Terminus Factor, Part 3

October 3rd, 2020

Paul, Scott and Bill take a look at the 3rd part in the Marvel Annual Cross-Over event of 1990! The Termini continue to build up steam and strength as… Go to Episode

Back to the Bins #434 - TKO Studios' Sara

September 26th, 2020

Scott, Bill and Paul wrap up their coverage of TKO Studios releases, with Sara, a look at an elite Russian sniper squad from World War II by Garth Ennis… Go to Episode

Back to the Bins #433 - Alternate Realities (or Cash Grabs)

September 19th, 2020

This week, Paul. Scott and Bill cover random books, with the unintentional theme of Alternate Realities. Well, either that or cash grabs. You decide.… Go to Episode