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Episode Forty-Seven: Matron of the Mines Part Two

The Bronze Scales take a moment to reconsider where to aim their aggressions, and continue their pursuit of the mysterious thief. Through winding tunnels and underground lakes, their trail leads them right into the clutches of danger, and Bál’s fiery temper takes a new direction.

Music: “They Came From the Sky” by August Wilhelmsson

Time Stamps

0:12 - Previously...

0:54 - Episode begins.

5:31 - Why do we bother?

9:47 - Entering the nest.

14:36 - Initiative.

31:06 - Ember Tempest.

49:51 - How do you want to do this?

51:11 - Through the fire.

54:16 - Outro.


DM - Klouse (@KlouseWhite)

Amsen - Alexander (@StoriesByAmsen)

Bál - Roger

Ellory - Nyessa (@NyessaGaming)

Ezekiel - George

Meli - Katie (

Vesper - Swan (@swanofmischief)