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Episode Forty: Sacrifice - Part One

Closing in on the Blackpaw Fortress, The Bronze Scales ruminate on their options and try to form a plan of attack. Meanwhile, Meli is caught defying the will of her captors, and finds herself in a tighter predicament, but also finds a friend in similar fortunes. Under cover of night, the rescue mission is put into action, but our heroes may lose as much as they recover.

Theme Song: “Returning to Camp” by Magnus Ringblom

Other Music: “Heros Hand 1” from August Wilhelmsson

Time Stamps

0:12 - Intro.

1:41 - Dammit, Roger.

2:15 - Recap.

3:30 - Episode begins.

13:41 - Among the Blackpaw.

15:12 - Tracks and traps.

21:25 - A warning, and a rebellion.

27:19 - To kill a scouting bugbear.

37:35 - The hard way.

41:15 - Pressing on.

49:54 - In chains.

54:00 - Stakeout.

1:01:13 - Last minute planning.

1:05:36 - Steve is an NPC in George’s game.

1:06:52 - Stakeout (Reprise)

1:09:10 - Insider perspective.

1:12:20 - Initiative.

1:14:48 - Gathering storm.

1:21:24 - Breakout.

1:26:49 - Next time...


DM - Klouse (@KlouseWhite)

Amsen - Alexander (@StoriesByAmsen)

Bál - Roger

Ellory - Nyessa (@NyessaGaming)

Ezekiel - George

Kalvyn - Michael

Meli - Katie (

Vesper - Swan (@swanofmischief)