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Episode Forty-Six: Chasing Violet - Part One

Given one final errand before they go, the Bronze Scales are tasked with retrieval of a very powerful ancient artifact, after it- and the body of the violet-eyed woman- go missing. Doing what they do best, the Bronze Scales dive beneath the Viaduct, reaching the underbelly of the holy city and finding a number of dangers, and a particularly disturbing inhabitant of the sewers.

Note: Katie was absent this session.

Theme Song: “Returning to Camp” by Magnus Ringblom

Other Music: “Heros Hand 1” from August Wilhelmsson

Time Stamps

0:12 - Intro.

1:42 - We won’t fix it in post. We never do.

1:57 - Prologue: Stolen Away.

3:44 - Recap.

4:25 - Episode begins.

15:47 - Any last questions?

22:19 - Let’s get down to business.

29:16 - R.O.U.S.

32:32 - Battle begins.

39:50 - Wild Surge.

1:10:56 - Final blow.

1:12:37 - Next time...


DM - Klouse (@KlouseWhite)

Amsen - Alexander (@StoriesByAmsen)

Bál - Roger

Ellory - Nyessa (@NyessaGaming)

Ezekiel - George

Meli - Katie (

Vesper - Swan (@swanofmischief)