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Episode Thirty-Seven: Ruth's Dowry - Part One

A sudden commotion in the dining room of the Hearth & Copper Inn has the Bronze Scales teaming up with an enigmatic and feral stranger. The party and their new companion travel to Faerie, where they must rescue a kidnapped boy before his destiny can be set into motion before its time.

Featuring Guest Player Dael Kingsmill!

Note: Katie was absent this session.

Theme Song: “Returning to Camp” by Magnus Ringblom

Other Music: “Heros Hand 1” from August Wilhelmsson

Time Stamps

0:12 - Intro/Theme.

1:42 - Recap.

2:48 - Episode begins.

4:41 - Hunter.

10:22 - Bar fight!

19:38 - Inspiration: “Basket Case” by Green Day

23:25 - Rage!

29:45 - Wild, Wild Magic.

36:20 - A party of bad ideas.

39:55 - Magic crap and what comes next.

43:29 - Into the office.

49:43 - Welcome to Faerie.

52:37 - The Story of Ruth’s Dowry.

57:00 - How to storm your castle.

1:00:30 - Where are our manners?

1:03:49 - Siege the day.

1:11:21 - Next time...

1:12:02 - Q&A Announcement!


DM - Klouse (@KlouseWhite)

Amsen - Alexander (@StoriesByAmsen)

Bál - Roger

Ellory - Nyessa (@NyessaGaming)

Ezekiel - George

Kalvyn - Michael

Meli - Katie (

Vesper - Swan (@swanofmischief)

Hunter - Dael (