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Back to the Story - An Actual Play D&D Podcast navigateright Episode

Episode Twenty-Seven: Memories and Visions - Part Two

Left with their final evening in Whiteguard free, the Bronze Scales find themselves in the Jekyll & Hyde tavern, and spend the night drinking, dancing, and discussing their future with Ezekiel. Setting sail in the morning across the Sea of Storms, the Scales swap stories and truths, and Ellory finally opens up.

Note: Katie was absent this session.

Music: “They Came From the Sky” by August Wilhelmsson

Time Stamps

0:12 - Previously...

0:55 - Episode begins.

9:40 - Checking in.

17:05 - Bál and friends.

22:52 - Potions and stories.

26:26 - Ellory opens up.

41:25 - Port Kratru.

54:29 - Outro.


DM - Klouse (@KlouseWhite)

Amsen - Alexander (@AlexWillVoice)

Bál - Roger

Ellory - Nyessa (@NyessaGaming)

Ezekiel - George

Kalvyn - Michael

Meli - Katie (

Vesper - Swan (@swanofmischief)