Be Wealthy & Smart with Linda P. Jones - Personal finance, investing, wealth building and becoming a millionaire.


Interviews with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Chris Brogan, Jeff Hoffman, Jason Hartman of Creating Wealth. Inspired by Robert Kiyosaki/Rich Dad Poor Dad, Jim Rogers, Martin Armstrong, Charles Nenner and Michael Maloney.

Be Wealthy & Smart™is a personal finance and investing podcast with self-made millionaire Linda P. Jones, America's Wealth Mentor™. Learn to develop a wealthy mindset and how to invest, create wealth and enjoy financial freedom. Linda teaches wealth building principles you won't hear from your financial advisor. Learn how to get rich, the 6 Steps to Wealth, and the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building™: Invest Like Billionaires™ and Create Your Luxury Brand™ business.

The show encompasses a big picture, macro view to build wealth. Investment cycles repeat and can predict what investments will perform best in the future. Linda covers the stock market, real estate, gold, silver, precious metals, entrepreneurship and their cycles to show where possibilities are for serious wealth building.

She shares the "6 Steps to Wealth", the formula she discovered that made her a millionaire and recommends having an online business in addition to investing to create wealth, since 77% of the wealthy got that way by being an entrepreneur. Starting a business while you have a job is called a "side hustle" and a smart way to get ahead and become wealthy.

Be Wealthy & Smart was named one of the "5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts of 2014." Listen and learn why!


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