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Mad Mumzie shares stories and tips on living a mining lifestyle in Australia. As a dump truck operator for over 12 years, she wants you to know what it's really like. How to get in, how to thrive and survive in the mining industry-especially as a woman, how to make the most of your time working long hours, shift work and away from home. Interview style and audio blog episodes in a fun way help to shed light on a mysterious mining lifestyle to many.


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70 Hard Hat Mentor + Covid 19

Mad Mumzie’s sister chats about how things have changed for our mining industry. Secure your own oxygen mask first, working from home, physical distancing and re-framing Corona. Be sure to stay to the end where the convo turns to drinking too much when working from home, exercise or lack of it, roster changes, time for re-invention, bin and Anzac day challenges and getting out in the community and work again after all this.

Plus find out why the Number 70 is so special to Mad Mumzie? 4 audio files sent to MM triggered this convo, just for you.

Show notes:

Old Time Miners. They stood together, let's stand apart now for them

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First Before Assisting Others

Working from Home. What Boots?

Physical Distancing. Gifts from the neighbours

The toolbox for neighbour gifts 2

Re-framing Corona

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