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#59 The Art of Fear with Kristen Ulmer

#59 The Art of Fear with Kristen Ulmer (Expert Extreme Skier - Author - Speaker)

EXPERT SESSION: voted as most extreme “fearless” woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars she was the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world, a status she kept for 12 years.

Author of The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead.

We dive into what the art of fear is and how athletes can utilize a new outlook on it... acknowledging, embrace and befriending fear.

"Fear is not the problem in our lives, it’s our avoidance/resistance of fear that is the problem. If you become unwilling to feel or even acknowledge it, and put fear in the basement–a habit that is almost universally supported by society, that emotion will then start to sabotage your life in devastating ways that are either obvious, or covert. This habit has gotten so rampant, in fact, that today almost every problem we have is now tied in some way to our avoidance/resistance of fear.

Taking fear out of the basement with caring and consideration, however, not only resolves these problems, but allows us a chance to access whole mind thinking, where anything can become possible."

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