Black & White Theology


A black pastor and a white pastor, Tyler St. Clair and Noah Filipiak, discuss a theological topic and a race relations topic.

Our podcast name has a dual meaning:

Some theological topics are black and white. They are either correct or incorrect based on what the Bible says. There are other theological topics that are grey areas. In fact, the Bible tells us that some things will be grey areas. The importance is in using Scripture appropriately to tell the black and white from the grey.

Most theological conversations happen in ethnically homogeneous groups. The Church misses out on a great opportunity to be a part of the solution to race relations in America when it does this. When theology is only done homogenously, you also end up with a warped, one-sided perspective.

We feel interaction is what will make this podcast special. Please send us your questions or comments to [email protected] or connect with us on Twitter @bwtheology and we'll read and interact with them on the air. RSS Feed URL

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THE FINAL EPISODE: Noah's new job, pornography, Does God hate people?

In this bittersweet episode, the Black & White Theology comes to a close.  Noah has taken a new job as a Church Consultant with Covenant Eyes.  We close out the podcast by answering the remaining questions in the mailbag.  We discuss, "Does God hate people?" like Romans 9 says he hates Esau.  We also discuss pornography and sexual sin and if there are differences between the reasons white people and black people struggle with sexual sin based on entitlement. 

If you'd like to keep up with Noah and Tyler, you can read Tyler's blog and subscribe to Noah's sexual purity podcast that he'll be continuing The Beyond the Battle Podcast, or read his blog at