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We're not bragging when we say that this is the 100% best sports podcast in the world. Every single night from 10pm - 1am Central time we pull no punches and give raw analysis. This is the spot for hardcore sports and sports entertainment fans! This is a Hardcore sports podcast featuring Bruce Blitz, Vegas Mike, Ryan, Sam, Big Brian, Nicky KM, Jesse, Justin, Brandon, Chris, Corey, Big Mike, Shawn "the truth", Josef the up and coming entertainer/superstar in the making, and so many more. We discuss boxing, MMA, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, auto racing, hockey, and so many other sports topics! This is the spot for hardcore sports fans who want to enter the "No Bull" zone. We don't spin sports topics like ESPN, because unlike ESPN, we don't make money off hype. We present facts! This is a Bruce Blitz founded podcast!


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The FINAL episode of The Blitz Hardcore Podcast

This is the final episode of The Bltiz Hardcore Podcast. The show will now be moving to Thank you for listening for the past 4 years. We hope you join us over at because most members from this podcast will be seen on that channel. Thank you again for supporting us.