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Grow Your Podcast Audience With Email Marketing

Numerous marketing strategies can help promote your podcasts and increase traction, but nothing beats podcast email marketing. With email marketing, you can easily grow your audience base with very minimal effort. If podcast email marketing is a new term for you, let’s check out more about how you can grow your podcast audience with email marketing in an easy way!

What is Email Marketing?

The term refers to sending out regular emails to your subscribers or listeners about your next episode release and bringing them right to your episode with a single click. 

If you are considering not investing in podcast email marketing and sticking to just other marketing techniques like social media marketing, let us break it to you today you cannot expect many results without adding email marketing into your strategies.

The average click-through rate with emails is roughly 25% which is a meager 0.7% for Facebook. In terms of ROI, email marketing tends to give you much better results compared to social media marketing. 

When it comes to your reach, there are over 2.8 billion monthly active users on Facebook, whereas the count increases to 306 billion in emails by 2024. Hence, it is evident that email marketing gives you a much better reach than social media marketing.

Social media marketing can always make a hole in your pocket if you have budget constraints. With email marketing, you just need a single tool to automate all your email marketing tasks, and you are sorted. 

How To Grow Your Podcast Audience With Email Marketing

When we have covered all the basics above, let’s jump on the step-by-step guide to grow your podcast audience with email marketing!

Know Your Niche

For starters, let’s just start with a very common step that is a prerequisite for every marketing strategy. Before you start creating your email list and proceed to your email marketing strategy, you should be crystal clear about your niche and understand your audience well. 

There is no way that you send out your podcasts via email to someone who has no relevance whatsoever to your niche. It will result in a loss of time and effort. 

Hence, take your time, be very clear about your niche, and proceed to the next steps.

Compile Emails From Potential Listeners

The basics of email marketing start with creating your email list of potential listeners. There are countless people out there interested in your podcast but are not yet aware of it. You need to hunt them down and add them to your list of potential listeners. 

Gather Emails from Social Media

Your social media audience is also an active part of your podcast audience. You can easily grow your email list by checking out the existing social media audience. Look out for the people who are relevant to your niche and follow your social media handles, and there you have a long list of potential listeners ready to be jotted down in your email list!

Share A Teaser Podcast

Email marketing is not just used for sending out announcements for the launch of your podcast. Instead, take the smarter move and send out a teaser email to keep them excited until the release date. 

A podcast teaser will act just like a reminder for your podcast release. It will make your listeners readily available for the announcement instead of directly announcing the release and taking them back!

Also, when you send out a teaser email, you can easily find the metrics of people who are interested in your podcast and are your potential listeners.

Multiple tools give you insights into the engagement, click-through rate, and other metrics about the emails that you send out to your subscribers. This is another very easy way to add more people to your email lists.

Add CTAs to the Bio & About Sections of Social Media Channels and Websites

Your Bio and the About section of your social media are other very important spaces to get more info about your audience. 

Always have a compelling CTA to your Bio and About section of your social media channels and websites, which will persuade your viewers to click through the link. You will instantly get a notification with the details about the interested user.

Use Relevant Facebook Groups To Market Your Podcasts & Gather Emails Through Signups

Facebook is the hub for connecting people across countries. Why not use it for building your email list? 

There are multiple Facebook groups and communities of people who are actively participating and interested in your niche. You just need to look out for such groups and start marketing your podcast venture. Don’t forget to add signup forms or CTAs by the end.

The more positive affirmations you get, the more your email list of potential listeners grows over time.

For even better results, you can host a questionnaire in the group and identify people who already have a knack for your niche. Additionally, you can also market your podcasts to Facebook groups by offering freebies every time for every email signup!

Content Ideas For Emailing Potential Podcast Listeners

Now that we have the email lists ready, it is time that we curate the emails for your subscribers to gain maximum click-through rates from them.

Send Personalized Emails

If you create one single email for your complete email list, there are chances that most of them will not even bother opening it. You need to personalize every email that you send to every subscriber.

For starters, start your email with their first name! This simple merge tag will greatly influence your email’s open rates, click rates, and reduce the unsubscribe rates.

Discuss Relevant Trending Topics

There are fair chances that while personalizing every email, you might stray away from your topic unknowingly. This can even result in a quick unsubscribe to your emails!

Be very precise and discuss only the relevant topics in the email and nothing more. Have a very friendly tone whilst covering all the topics that your next podcast will cover, and you are good to go!

Share Reviews Of Previous Podcasts

If you have multiple reviews on your previous podcasts, it is time that you finally use them for your emails. 

Reviews and testimonials are an incredible way to persuade the end user to subscribe and check out your page. This is because the reviews talk about the value and quality you offer through your podcasts, compelling enough to convert them into your next set of listeners.

Adding your reviews of previous podcasts can seemingly increase your subscription rates in no time! Thus ensure that you add about two to three previous reviews every time while sending out an email to a subscriber.

Share Details Of Your Next Guest In An Upcoming Podcast

Guest podcasting is another incredible way to grow your podcast and establish authority. If you somehow manage to bring in the most authoritative and popular names in the industry to your podcast as a guest, you are bound to attract a massive chunk of followers effortlessly.

However, for additional benefits, always mention a little insight about the next guest on your upcoming podcast to make the reader aware of what to expect in your podcast. Rest assured, if the guest is someone they have already been following for a long time, you just got a loyal listener!

Share Valuable Industry Based News

Most people will not care about reading your entire email if they don’t find you legitimate. To establish some authority and stand beforehand, make sure to share some exclusive valuable industry-based news that will portray you as a veteran in the industry and have good knowledge about everything happening around you. 

Add some relevant statistics, charts, or press releases that might be relevant to your next podcast, and inform them that you will address this in the next episode. 

Share Discussion Points For The Upcoming Podcasts

As we said, a prior heads-up regarding the contents that will be covered in the next podcast will always work in your favor. 

Always share a listicle of a few points that you are going to cover in the upcoming podcast. However, do not just reveal everything together. Carve out the email in such a way that they get an insight into what you will be talking about and stay equally excited to know more about it from your upcoming podcast.

Send A Countdown Timer For The Next Podcast

When you are done creating your complete email and have sent out the teasers, try sending frequent countdown timers for your next podcast.

There is a chance that if you sent out an email five days back informing your listeners about your upcoming podcast, they might forget about it within two days.

Hence, to remind them about the upcoming podcast, you can send out a few countdown timer emails for your next podcasts at regular intervals. Send your timers every alternative day and not every day to avoid spamming your subscriber. This will ensure that you are on their mind, and they schedule their day accordingly to take out time to listen to your upcoming podcast.

Share The Milestones Podcast Listeners Achieved

The trick here is to set certain milestones for your podcast listeners that they can achieve when they listen to or share your podcasts. You can also consider adding certain coupons, freebies, etc., on every milestone your podcast listener will be looking forward to. 

This is an incredible way to keep your audience engaged and enthusiastic about the next upcoming episode.

Brands Using Email Marketing to Promote Podcast Signups

As we said, there are countless brands out there that have leveraged the power of podcast email marketing and have gained massive traction and audience to their podcasts by just sending out regular quality emails. Here are a few of them.

Emma Lemke

Emma Lemke is a business coach who actively uses email marketing to grow her podcast audience. To keep her readers planned and excited, she adds all the points and notes of everything discussed in the episode. Also, the CTA buttons are crisp and clear.

She also adds a newsletter background along with a countdown timer which we have already discussed in our previous steps.

Shawn Anthony

Shawn Anthony focuses on guiding school dropouts and ongoing students to direct them toward the path of success. He focuses on adding star bullet points into his email to clear out everything that his listeners can expect in the next podcast. 

Final Thoughts

Podcast email marketing can make the final difference between a hit podcast and a flop. You must use multiple channels to generate traffic and potential listeners, note them down in your email list, and gear up. Craft a very compelling and personalized email about your upcoming podcast every time, and you will see a long list of new listeners tuned into your next episode!

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