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Top 25 Health And Wellness Podcasts To Stay Motivated

If you do not have the time to attend real-time classes or are not fond of reading motivational books, podcasts are the best way to consume content on the go. Countless health and wellness podcasts are hosted by industry experts who can help you improve your spiritual and physical well-being. That’s why, in this blog post you will find a rundown of the top 25 health and wellness podcasts to stay motivated all year long and achieve your goals!

25 Health And Wellness Podcasts

Here is a full list of some of the very popular health and wellness podcasts everyone needs to listen to:

1. Hurdle

All of us have our fair share of struggles in life. Every episode of Hurdle features individuals who share their struggles in life and how they overcome them by taking their mental or physical wellness seriously.

Emily Abbate, the host of Hurdle, was a fitness editor at the SELF magazine and has worked with many renowned brands like SHAPE and GQ. The story of her dramatic weight loss and positive approach to solving problems in life is highly motivating and encouraging for people who are struggling in their life.

2. All on the Run

Whether you have started your fitness journey with running or are an avid runner already, All on the Run will be helpful and inspiring to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Ali Feller, the host of All on the Run, brings multiple everyday runners, professional marathoners, and other entrepreneurs in the field of fitness to give you insights from their journey and important life lessons! 

3. Dr. Ruscio Radio

Your everyday diet plays an integral role in your overall physical well-being. Your diet must consist of all the required nutrients per your body. Tune into Dr. Ruscio Radio, and you will get science-based insight and evidence on health, nutrition, and functional medicine. 

4. Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is a popular name within the vegan and plant-based lifestyle communities. He talks about everything related to health, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, etc. He tries to dig deep into every topic and have intimate conversations instead of just simple interviews. His podcasts are great to understand and unleash your best version in life.

5. Model Health Show

This podcast focuses on Shawn Steven’s son, who was finally able to defeat chronic pain from a degenerative disease that was drastically hampering his lifestyle. On Model Health Show, he discusses the science behind health and nutrition along with mental issues like stress and depression. He interviews the top industry experts in his show to get every nitty-gritty knowledge on the topic.

6. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Many people do not take their mental well-being seriously and still find this taboo. However, comedian Paul Glinmartin has his ways to change this stigma and promote prioritizing mental well-being. Mental Illness Happy Hour is full of intimate conversations with different guests who share their darkest secrets, struggles, fears, compulsive behavior, past trauma, and many more.

For some people, the content can get heavier and more sensitive, but the approach for each topic is with hope and humor, which makes the entire podcast engaging. 

7. Food Psych

If you thought you have to cut down on all your favorite food forever to get healthier, it is certainly not true! In Food Psych, Christy talks about intuitive eating and everything about the traditional diet culture. She breaks multiple myths which you might have never even heard of! She talks with many health and psychology professionals, anti-dieting exports, body positivity leaders, and whatnot.

Her podcasts will teach you about understanding your body’s internal cues and the relationship with food. The podcast also deals with acceptance, weight stigma, eating disorders, and other similar issues that most people face during their lives.

8. The Wellness Mama Podcast

Balancing motherhood with fitness, self-care, and everything else is indeed a challenging task. In The Wellness Mama Podcast, Katie Wells shares useful tips on healthy eating, exercising, sleep, stress, mood swings, and many more for new mommies while handling their babies and the family as well!

However, the tips are not just limited to mothers. If you are juggling everything in your life and are not prioritizing your health and wellness, tune into the wellness mama podcast and get the proper guidance.

9. Ten percent Happier

Anchor Dan Harris struggled with anxiety and stress for many years. After suffering from a major panic attack live on Good Morning America, he finally made his way through this issue and is now helping millions make their lives better. In Ten Percent Happier, he talks about everything related to mindfulness, meditation, and many more, which are some of the prerequisites to a calm and stress-free mind. 

10. The Genius Life

Your diet is not just for your physical well-being but also includes your mental well-being. The Genius Life talks about the relationships between the food and your mind backed up with complex scientific evidence to prove every point.

Some of the common guests on his podcasts include renowned neurologists, scientific researchers, heart surgeons, etc., who are experts in their niche and have a lot to educate you about. The subtle humor within the show makes it interesting and engaging throughout the entire duration!

11. Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

If you have a busy schedule, this is the right podcast for you! Every episode of Nutrition Facts with Dr.Greger is just 15 minutes long, making it ideal for busy people to listen to on the go! He explains everything about nutrition and debunks myths based on scientific evidence to improve your eating and cooking habits.

12. The Chalene Show

Chalene Jhonson is an author and a celebrity fitness trainer. She has a good record of helping at least hundreds of people overcome their physical and mental health hurdles. On The Chalene Show, she interviews experts in the industry and tackles sensitive topics like birth control, realistic fitness goals, eating right in relationships, and many more, mostly unconventional.

Also, she usually checks all the requests of her listeners and creates content based on that. Hence, if you have any queries, shoot her a request, and maybe she can talk about your issue in the next episode with the experts!  

13. Nutrition Matters

A positive relationship with food is the ultimate way of creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle for your life. Sudden fad diets might seem to be having a huge name but certainly are not the best choice if you want long-term results.

Paige Smathers, the host of Nutrition Matters, focuses on overcoming eating disorders, weight struggles, and many more. She will guide you through the complete procedure of building a sustainable diet that will replenish your nutrition content and prevent you from starving. Tune into her podcast today to get some helpful, actionable advice on nutrition, and enjoy your fitness journey!

14. The BodyLove Project

You cannot just hate your body and expect results from your rigorous workout sessions and intense dieting. Your mind has a pivotal role in your weight loss and healthy living journey.

Jessi Haggerty, the host of BodyLove Project, is focused on helping you love yourself more. Rather than focus on the results, Jessi talks to experts about intuitive eating, body positivity, etc. Her main motto is to promote “healthy at every size,” which is a very underrated yet important phrase for our lives. 

15. Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey, the creator of the famous bulletproof coffee and the host of Bulletproof Radio, talks about the human body with technology. By profession, he is a tech entrepreneur and biohacker. He interviews CEOs, scientists, and other credible individuals on his podcast about the journey of upgrading the human body with technology.

His intriguing ideas push the boundaries of conventional medicine and align it with technology. Hence, if you are looking for some unique and exciting episodes, tune into Bulletproof Radio already!

16. The Fat-Burning Man Show

Abel James, the host of the Fat-Burning Man Show, is focused on clean eating and consistent workouts. According to him, you can easily drop fat even without leaving your delicious food or hitting the gym six days a week which is certainly true! He also throws light on the health industry and the deceptive marketing tactics around us, which gets even more interesting!

17. Ashtanga Dispatch

Yoga is an incredible way to practice meditation and mindfulness. Peg Mulqueen, who has a master’s in psychology, with two decades of yoga experience, and is the host of Ashtanga Dispatch, brings you deep philosophical conversations about the science behind every yoga pose to help you achieve your eternal power and conquer your mind.

18. No Meat Athlete

If you are a hardcore vegan and do not find adequate healthy recipes, No Meat Athlete is the right podcast for you! Matt Frazier talks about the benefits of plant-based diets and offers countless tasty recipes which are healthy and readily available. He also debunks the myth that athletes should have meat to gain strength and stamina. He talks about promoting weight loss, speed, and energy levels right from a plant-based diet.

19. Well Now

Well Now is one of the most popular and empowering health and wellness podcasts of all time. The episodes are focused on advocating for yourself and taking control of your physical and mental health.

You will know about many different scientific research personal stories from doctors and wellness practitioners regarding every topic. You will find everything interlinked between your physical and mental well-being, which is the ultimate way to lead a happier and healthy life!

20. Happier

Gretchen Rubin, the host of Happier, talks about human nature and how to make our lives better in her podcast. Also a bestselling self-help author, she is proficient in helping people find a better version of themselves.

She focuses on adding more productivity, and creativity while keeping health and happiness as the topmost priority. She draws personal stories and quotes, including scientific evidence and culture, to improve your life with the right guidance.

21. Found my Fitness

Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, a Ph.D. in Biomedical science, talks about the relationship between diet and health in scientific terms. She interviews experts and renowned names on many fascinating topics like whether the keto diet can increase lifespan or how Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed, which are topics of great debate! If you are keen on learning everything about science with human health, you will be hooked to Found My Fitness right from the first few episodes!

22. The Dumbbells

If you are a fitness enthusiast but are bored of regular fitness motivational podcasts, The Dumbells will be a treat for you! Mixed with loads of comedy and information, The Dumbells is perfect for people looking for fitness podcasts but with a refreshing and lighthearted approach.

It is both entertaining and motivating at the same time, which will be useful in knowing everything about fitness yet having a good laugh as well! 

23. Modern Love

If you are not fond of traditional health and wellness podcasts, Modern Love is a great choice! This podcast talks about mental health and the complexities of interpersonal relationships, which create chaos in your mind. There are multiple heart-wrenching stories and essays read by celebrities worldwide, which can even get emotional, funny, or uplifting!

24. The Food Heaven Podcast

This is a podcast of two BFFs, Wendy and Jess, who are masters in nutrition and certified diabetes educators. In The Food Heaven Podcast, they talk about everything related to healthy eating and diet while having a conversation amongst themselves which is equally engaging for the readers.

They also give many helpful tips, and tricks along with exclusive interviews with the industry experts every week!

25. Move Your DNA

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle within the four walls of your room, it is time to get moving and take action in your life! Katy Bowman, the host of Move Your DNA, talks about topics like breathing, the power of gardening, better sleep habits, and many more, which will motivate you to get moving every day, even if it is a five-minute walk outside your house!

Final Thoughts

Your physical and mental well-being should always be your topmost priority. These health and wellness podcasts will guide you through your journey and improve your mental and physical being in the long run. Choose a suitable podcast from this list today and witness the improvement in your life. 

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