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Hyperlocal Podcasts

Why Should You Make Hyperlocal Podcasts?

Before we get onto the hyperlocal podcast, do you know that the podcasting industry will hit a monthly listener count of 164 million by 2024? During the traditional days, accessibility was a major drawback; podcasts bridged the gap and offered content across every geographic location.

The term Hyperlocal has been trending across multiple industries and slowly peeking its way into the podcasting industry too. There are already many hyperlocal podcasts thriving in 2023, and the rate is increasing every day.

Hyperlocal podcasting is the right choice if you want to elevate your content and get a better audience (read: targeted audience). Today, we will discuss everything about hyperlocal podcasting and why you should finally make the switch.

Let’s get started!

Defining “Hyperlocal”

The term ‘hyperlocal’ simply means focussing on a small geographic community such as a neighborhood. Here you create and advertise your product or service only to a targeted set of audiences who are most interested in it. They usually have strong ties to the company/seller/personality behind the service or product. 

Hyperlocal marketing has been both viral and profitable for local communities for centuries.

What is a Hyperlocal Podcast?

Most of your podcasts are probably focused on a global audience. On the other hand, Hyperlocal podcasts are focused on an audience from a specific community.

In other words, regular podcasts help find media and communities from a broad interest base, but hyperlocal podcasts go at a further deeper or local level.

For example, a regular podcast would be something similar to This American Life. In contrast, a hyperlocal podcast would focus on local issues such as politics, restaurants, sports, etc., for the audience who are interested in it.

It’s a way of raising your voice for a local community. 

Why Make Hyperlocal Podcasts?

There are plenty of reasons to create hyperlocal podcasts. Here are a few of them:

Meeting Market Needs

If a set of communities has a mutual interest, they are more likely to learn or get insight on topics they care about instead of tuning into irrelevant podcasts.

When you create hyperlocal podcasts, you pave the way for them to stay connected and engaged with their favorite topic.

For example, it could be foodies offering restaurant reviews within a certain locality or sharing recipes of a specific cuisine. It is an excellent way to stay in touch with the hometown and the roots while being far away from another country.

Also, this gives them more options to choose from as per their interests which is precisely what the podcasting market is all about currently. They can learn whatever they want to at their convenience.

Becoming Local Experts

At the end of the day, your subscriber count typically determines the success of your podcast. 

Your subscribers are the ones who listen to every episode of yours within the first 48 hours, engage with your social media posts, recommend your podcast to their friends and family, and create buzz for your podcast.

These subscribers are the building blocks of the success of your podcast.

Now, when you create hyperlocal podcasts, you work for a popular company within a certain city, state, or region about a specific community or personality. This will bring more listeners to your podcast since you will already have better authority and popularity in that niche.

Local listeners want more local content right from local experts. This is precisely why small business owners are the most popular in their region. They focus on hyperlocal marketing!

Following Industry Trends

Even though podcasting has always been a smart way to consume content apart from the traditional ones, hyperlocal podcasts are catching up at the same pace too!

With people traveling less, hyperlocal podcasts are gaining more audience from a particular place or community. 

Just like hyperlocal advertising is a hit for small businesses, this is a clear prediction of hyperlocal podcasts ruling the industry real soon too!

Hyperlocal podcasts meet market needs, have specific high-quality content right from local experts, and so much more. This is an effortless way to bring in traction and build the name of the podcast without having to shift much from your original content style or format.

Benefits of Making a Hyperlocal Podcast?

Just like hyperlocal advertising was a blessing for small business owners in any locality, here are a few benefits you can witness while shirting hyperlocal podcast creation.

Local Influence Over Globalization

Before digitalization, everything, including communication, working, and engagement, was mostly within our proximity. With the emergence of the digital era, we have a broader community and can reach a larger audience base.

Due to no geographic restriction, businesses are shifting towards globalization, but does every state or country need your podcast content when it comes to global podcasting? Well, at least you can bring them content and information from different communities, and they can tap into it to tune into the local content anytime. 

This influence brings more flexibility and power for audience engagement resulting in more growth of your podcasts. 

Podcasting As A Form of Service

Your podcasts can be the foundation for more recognition to your community which is surely a form of service for a good cause. If your community is getting traction from your hyperlocal podcasts, you are surely spreading the word to many outsiders too.

You can leverage this power and talk about any potential wrong rules or tyranny in your hyperlocal podcast and make your audience aware of it. You can also talk about the local delicacies or attractions to attract more audience towards your community. Either way, hyperlocal podcasts can help you in serving your community by reaching the right audience and putting the right word across.

Keys to a Solid Hyperlocal Podcast 

When it comes to hyperlocal podcasting, the rules are pretty simple. Here’s the list for you.

Be Consistent

The #1 rule of hyperlocal podcasting is to be consistent with your podcast schedules and content since your listeners are hooked to the niche or community you talk about in your podcast and have specific expectations from you for the same. Being consistent will make them engage more with your hyperlocal podcasts and also recommend them to their loved ones.

Have a fixed schedule of the number of episodes and the type of content you will release in every podcast. You must stick to them to maintain consistency. 

Create High-Quality Content

If your content isn’t good enough, there is no way a listener would tune into your podcast and waste their time. You have to focus on aligning your content with your target community and try to make it as engaging and personal as possible. 

By personal, don’t just directly harm their soft spots. It’s about putting up the right topics at the right time, and you are good to go.

Get Online In The Right Places

Having a strong social presence is undeniably an absolute necessity. You need to keep your content readily accessible across multiple platforms like podcast hosting sites, podcast websites, and others.

This will help bridge the gap with your listener and help them in finding your podcasts easily.

For starters, ask your current listeners to check your website and download your app for exclusive content. 

You need to have a specific plan for your hyperlocal podcast. This way, they will have a designated platform for tuning into your podcasts, resulting in long-term engagement and success.

Be Yourself

Lastly, your audience is smart enough to identify if you try to fake your expertise in the topic. If you are passionate and have good knowledge about the community you are talking about, confidence will get reflected in your voice. 

If you feel like doing things everyone does, you may not achieve success. 

It is time that you assess yourself, figure out your interests, and create your hyperlocal podcast accordingly. Learn more about how to create successful podcasts.

How to Make Your Hyperlocal Podcast?

The process of creating hyperlocal podcasting is very similar to your regular podcasts. Let’s look at some fundamental tips you can follow to create a buzz-worthy hyperlocal podcast.

  • Get out and explore more within your community to listen to their stories and brainstorm new content for your hyperlocal podcasts. Also, advertise them to subscribe to your podcasts!
  • Remain secluded and prefer a soundproof room for recording your hyperlocal podcasts. Ensure that you use good-quality podcasting equipment to bring the best quality to your listeners.
  • Try promoting your podcasts within your community more to gain more traction.
  • Book podcast guests or have co-hosts that inspire you or you want to meet. Ensure that they have enough knowledge about your community, too, so that you can share some engaging conversations.
  • Create compelling and focused headlines for your hyperlocal podcast.


Setting up a hyperlocal podcast is not rocket science but can create a major significance in your overall podcasting journey. Transitioning to hyperlocal podcast content adds more value to your listeners. It is a way to connect with your audience at a deeper level while you share the same mutual interests. You just need to be yourself, focus on your content quality, and stay consistent. That’s the only success recipe for your hyperlocal podcast! Hence, don’t wait any further. It’s time you go hyperlocal and create impactful content for your audience.

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