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Top 10 Websites to Buy Podcasting Equipment

If you are finally starting your podcasting journey, good-quality equipment is an absolute necessity! Good-quality podcasting equipment is the key element while curating your podcast show. Even though you will find multiple sources on the internet on the list of the best podcasting gear, we will take you through the right websites to buy all your podcasting equipment. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list of best websites to buy podcasting equipment.

Top 10 Websites to Buy Podcasting Equipment

Let’s go ahead and find out the best websites to buy podcasting equipment from!

1. is one of the oldest and the most reliable websites one can ever think of while purchasing products online. Starting from your podcasting mics, recorders, headphones, and whatnot. You name it, and you will get it! is the hub of every possible podcasting gear.

You can either buy your podcasting gear from their brand, Amazon Basics or choose third-party companies that will sell products through amazon. 

In case you are slightly tight on your budget, you can even buy second-hand gear based on its quality and save some extra bucks. However, this is not the best option to choose from, but certainly a considerable one.


  • You get free shipping for almost every product from with a minimum cart value of $25 and more.
  • You get the best deals on podcasting equipment when you buy from
  • They have offers running every other day, which can save you some more bucks on your podcasting gear.
  • Most of the delivery timings are reasonable. In case you want quick delivery, you might need to pay a bit extra for your delivery.
  • If you buy an amazon assured product, you need not worry much about the quality of the product that you ordered.
  • They have a swift return and replacement option in case you have received a defective product.
  • The customer service is prompt and highly responsive.


  • There are frequent complaints regarding product quality issues. It is always advised that you go through all the reviews before making the purchase.
  • The prices fluctuate a lot. Hence, you need to keep a good eye on the offers running on their website.

2. Reverb

If you are looking for high-quality recording gear for your podcast, Reverb is your best bet! You can find new, used, and vintage picks at Reverb. They have a massive collection of equalizers, compressors, limiters, microphones, and whatnot. 

They have a handful of sales and offers going on every day on their website, which makes them an ideal choice for purchasing your podcasting equipment at the lowest price.

You can also check out their newest listings, price drops, deals, steals, and other similar sections on their website to find the best deals for your podcasting equipment!

In case you are purchasing used equipment from Reverb, you need to message the seller and talk to them regarding the prices. Alternatively, you can also directly add it to your cart and make the final purchase. 


  • An innovative user interface to find the right products easily
  • The customer service is prompt
  • You can get your order shipped within 72 hours if requested
  • The product quality is mostly great


  • Even though you get the best deals on Reverb, there could be chances that some of the products might cost you slightly higher than usual.

3. Sweetwater

Sweetwater is one of the leading music and podcasting equipment retailers. You can find almost every podcasting equipment at Sweetwater at the best prices. 

The best part about Sweetwater is that you can even filter your choices as per your locality. They have a local listing section wherein you add your zip code, and you can find an eBay seller within your region, which is a great advantage!

Even though there aren’t many complaints regarding quality issues with Sweetwater, they have clearly stated that they do not take any responsibility for any purchase from both buyer and seller end, which can be slightly risky.


  • Great marketplace to find the best deals
  • Locality search which is great to find the local bestsellers
  • There aren’t many quality issues registered.


  • Sweetwater holds no responsibility for the purchases. In case you come through any issues with the products, you are at your own risk.
  • The product deliveries might slightly get late at times.

4. eBay

eBay is similarly popular on Amazon and is one of the most reliable websites on this list for podcasting equipment. You can either buy new or used podcasting equipment as per your interests. 

The products on eBay frequently fluctuate. Hence you need to keep a good eye on the prices. In addition to that, eBay has a massive stock of podcasting equipment and gear. You can find even the rarest pieces out there that aren’t available on other websites.


  • You get all the products at fair deals
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on many products
  • The delivery durations are similar to amazon


  • You need to check out the reviews before you buy any product to understand other people’s experiences with the products
  • There could be product quality issues. However, you are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee from eBay.

5. Musician’s friend

If you are looking for good-quality recording instruments for your podcasts, Musician’s Friend is an amazing choice! They have multiple discounts and offers like refurbished, clearance sales, and many more, wherein you can find amazing deals and launches. However, most of the equipment that you find on Musician’s friend is used. However, the quality is never compromised. They only list the best equipment and nothing less!


  • Amazing discount options for podcasting equipment like recorders, microphones, etc
  • Prompt customer service 
  • Easy to navigate through the website to find the suitable product
  • No compromise in the quality of the products


  • The delivery dates might be slightly longer than usual

6. Sennheiser

One of the most popular brands in podcasting equipment and gear has to be Sennheiser. Your headphone is integral equipment for recording the best podcasts. Nothing beats Sennheiser. The quality is top-notch. You can always find many good deals on Sennheiser for their products. If we had to suggest anyone’s product from Sennheiser, it has to be their headphones!


  • Incredible product quality
  • Prompt customer service
  • Assured warranty on every product
  • Easy to navigate


  • Decent delivery durations

7. Shure

If you had to choose a dynamic microphone for your podcasts, Shure is a great choice! Shure is popular for its music and recording equipment, and we cannot stress this further, but the quality is again top-notch! The prices, however, are not much discounted. Hence, you might need to purchase most of the products at their MRPs, which can be a loss for you.


  • Amazing product quality
  • Prompt customer service
  • Delivery timings are short


  • Not many sales or discounts
  • It does not contain many reviews on the products

8. Audio Technica

Another really popular name in the market of microphones ought to be Audio Technica. They have an amazing set of quality microphones and other podcasting equipment that you will surely love! This international company is thriving when it comes to recording instruments. Hence, you will surely never regret choosing Audiotechnica for your podcasting equipment requirements.


  • Incredible product quality
  • Shorter delivery durations


  • Not many discounts or offers. Most of the products are at the MRP
  • Customer service is not the best

9. Vintage King

If you are looking for pro and high-quality audio equipment for your podcasts, Vintage King is one of the most reliable ones. They have an amazing collection of both the latest and the older models of podcasting equipment, wherein you can explore and choose as per your interests. You also get some crazy deals at Vintage King for your podcasting equipment!


  • You get your podcasting equipment at amazing deals
  • Excellent after-sale service
  • Easy to browse through the entire website and find the suitable products
  • A unique collection of podcasting equipment


  • Not the best delivery durations

10. Audix

Lastly, Audix is another excellent platform to get your podcasting gears from. They have a fantastic collection of microphones that will help you record crystal clear sound quality for your podcasts. Even though they do not have the best deals on their website, their products are indeed worth a try! 


  • The equipment collection is massive
  • They have a prompt customer service
  • Secure return policy of 14 days to 30 days for different products


  • Does not give the best deals
  • The delivery durations are longer than usual

There is no way that you should ever compromise on the quality of your podcasting equipment. All of the websites mentioned above are highly reliable and offer you the best quality equipment. Now that you know where to get your podcasting equipment from, don’t delay any further and make your purchases right away! 

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