Live from Boddums Up! Talent Search 2019


This is an approximately 3-4 hour show featuring the best highlights of the "Boddums Up" pub Talent Search 2019, hosted by Sounds Delicious DJ.

The "Talent Search" was created by Dwane Fillmore of "Entertainment On Line" in order to discover the 15 best unknown singers around Alberta, Canada to record singles and receive radio play! Come sing and audition!

Contact B.U. for details on their Facebook page and talk to Dwane at (403) 265-6383.

Entertainment On Line:

Technical production, recording, video, and hosting by Sounds Delicious DJ and VideoTekk.
Have a listen and see what it could be like if "Sounds Delicious" hosted your own event!

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Live from Boddums Up! Talent Search 2019 navigateright Episode

Podcast #9 - Part 1 of 2 - Talent Search 2019

Podcast #9 - Talent Search 2019 - Live from Boddums Up pub

Featuring singers:
Sherry West, Bill, Limey, Penny Vermuelen, Brian Bromley, Vic, Loman Edwards, Clay, Tammy Dreidger, Angus

Part 1 of 2

0 - 21:26 Sherry West (2 songs)
21:26 - 26:08 Bill (2 Songs)
26:08 - 36:24 Sherry West (2 songs)
36:24 - 44:57 Limey (2 songs)
44:57 - 53:11 Penny Vermuelen (2 songs)
53:11 - 1:00:57                     Brian Bromley (2 songs)
1:01:00 - 1:10:00 Vic (2 songs)
1:10:00 - 1:18:37 Loman Edwards (2 songs)
1:18:37 - 1:25:46 Clay
1:26:10 - 1:29:57 Tammy
1:29:57 - 1:40:50 Sherry West (2 songs)

Boddums Up Pub “Talent Search 2019” created by Dwane Fillmore

Technical production by “Sounds Delicious” DJ & “Videotekk”

“Boddums Up” pub and “Entertainment On Line" is looking for the 15 best singers we can find out there to record SINGLES and promote to RADIO!

Come out and be part of our Podcast, RECORDED LIVE every week by Sounds Delicious DJ!

Show up to sing and give a BOOST to your profile around Calgary like no one else can provide! Exclusively through the duration of the Talent Search!