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Breaks Of Unknown Vol. 44 - Blazin' Broz

Breaks Of Unknown Vol. 44 - Blazin' Broz The 44th Volume of Breaks Of Unknown by Blazin' Broz Welcome to Breaks Of Unknown, the premiere breakbeats show created by DJ D-Xtreme & DJ Rob-E. We have returned to continue the movement that distributes quality breaks to our community. BOU will relaunch the series in 2018 on Soundcloud. You can also listen or download the mixes by visiting Cognitive Music at We appreciate the love and support over the years and will continue our commitment to delivering the quality music we are known for. Also re-launching on Soundcloud in 2018, House Of Unknown and Drum & Bass Of Unknown. Breaks Of Unknown Vol. 44 - Blazin' Broz Tracklist 01. Adele ­- Hello (Steven Montana Edit)(Phat Kidz) 02. DJ Icey ­- Rainmaker (Original Mix) 03. Wes Smith ­- Funk Train (Omega Squad Remix) 04. Pulsedriver ­- Lookout Weekend (Dj Mondo Breaks ReRub/Remix) 05. DJ Hero - Crushin (Original Mix) 06. UFO Project ­- Girls and Money (Original Mix) 07. Breaksjunky, Alekay ­- Get Em (Chronic and Chronic Jr Remix) 08. Adam Vyt ­- Everybody Make Some Noise (Original Mix) 09. The White Riots ­- San Fransisco (Original Mix) 10. Toy Quantize ­- Heavell (Original Mix) 11. BassCrime - Survive (Toy Quantize Remix) 12. Dj Fen ­- Unstoppable (Bubble Couple Remix) 13. Freestyle ­- Don’t Stop The Rock (KL2 Remix) 14. Josh Chambers ­- Ghetto Punk (Dj Mondo 813 Breaks Remix) 15. The Beatkillers ­- 1,2,3,,4 (Original Mix) 16. Robin Thicke x Dirty Monkey - Blurred Yo Butt (FM­3 Remix) 17. Synthetic Hype and Deenk ­- Hyperfunk (Original Mix) 18. The Reptiles ­- Beautiful Step (Perfect Kombo Remix) 19. PlayGame  - Alien (Dubaxface Remix) 20. Quadrat Beat ­- Groovin’ (Original Mix) 21. Retropolis ­- Nostalgique (Original Mix) 22. Alt­A feat MC Freeflow­ - Hold On You (Deenik Remix) 23. Dark Flick ­- Sure Shot (Original Mix) 24. Shade K, Terrie Kynd ­- Crush Bass (Original Mix) 25. Dickin - Load (Hate N Beanz Remix) 26. YDL ­- Still Hot (KL2 Remix) 27. Yankee Citybox ­ Jump (Original Mix) 28. Adam Vyt - Funk and Funny (Original Mix) 29. Rick West - In the Mix (Original Mix) 30. Colombo ­- Found My Peace (Original Mix) 31. Colombo ­- Tension (Aggresivnes Remix) BREAKS OF UNKNOWN HOUSE OF UNKNOWN DRUM & BASS OF UNKNOWN