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We discuss software development challenges with experienced Industry Leaders who've "been there, done that" - in order to pay it forward and increase the reliability, quality and performance of software applications everywhere - by sharing best practices with the software engineering community.


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How 2 Avoid Software Project Bottlenecks - I Talk Solutions With Patrick Ward

I discuss solutions to software project bottlenecks with Patrick Ward, an Industry Executive & Technology Leader - challenges which cause projects to go sideways, miss time 2 market deadlines - or worse, they release products that are un-sellable because they don't solve customer problems, or, they're not designed from the user's perspective. Patrick Ward has been a software developer, manager, director and vice president over the years, leading teams at companies such as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Cardiff Software, Verify, (now HP), Sopheon and Carefusion (now BD), and he discuss how to identify the causes for these challenges - and more importantly - world class solutions.