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Timothy Holmseth Update: Deep State Harassment, Jury Trial

This is an update covering the latest on the Timothy Holmseth case.  He has been harassed, arrested 4 times, forced to go through multiple psychiatric evaluations (which he passed), death threats, his apartment was ransacked, and much more over a bogus misdemeanor charge filed on him in Florida. This is due to an attorney, Kim Picazio who, with the seeming direction of the deep state, has abused her power as an attorney and filed bogus claims after Holmseth reported unfavorably on her and some of her affiliates. Instead of doing a libel or defamation case, like normal people do, she decided to abuse her power and file a bogus claim in a Florida family court. Holmseth has never been to Florida nor is he a family member of Picazio. All of this is clearly known by the entire court staff in Polk county MN, but they continue to enforce this bogus claim with abusive and extreme behaviors not even remotely appropriate for a misdemeanor charge. Please attend the trial to support Timothy Holmseth on August 26th @ 8:30am. Here is the link to the Polk county court house for directions: Recording of Randi discussing the hearing with Polk county admin: Full Timothy statement read on show - From article posted in WASHINGTON DC, by Angela S. Pearson on August 20, 2019 at 6:32 AM EST: Considering supporting my channel on Patreon and receive exclusive interviews, free eBooks, and additional research Please share this story and other important stories you find with your network. Censorship has increased and we cannot let important stories be buried. Consider supporting my channel by becoming a Patreon. Receive free ebooks, exclusives interviews, documents, and research. Sign up @ Follow me on Twitter @ Censorship is serious. To stay informed of all the latest episodes, sign up for my weekly newsletter @     Valuable Information Shared on the Show:   Live Vocal Print Training Event - Monday, August 26th at 7pmCT - Streaming Live on Youtube Purchase the vocal print software at Be sure to use code "Sarah47" to get your FREE gift.     See the studies and learn more about the 24 hour weight loss supplement that guarantees results! Tetrogen @         Learn more about Dr. Bill Andrews Telomere Lengthening and the world's best anti aging compound - Use code "Sarah5" to receive a 5% discount. This works with other offers including the 10% introductory offer advertised on their website:     Sign up for the FREE 5G summit and receive many free gifts including the eBook "7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation" @           Tim Holmseth Biography Timothy Charles Holmseth is a former newspaper reporter, magazine writer, song writer, author, and publisher. Timothy has been recognized by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, as well as Boone Publishing, with first place awards for his work as a reporter and columnist, including Best News Series. Other accomplishments include special awards for his work in sales and marketing; as well as songwriting contracts with several music companies. In 2009, Timothy was contacted by a private investigator working for the attorney representing the mother of a missing five year-old child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings. Timothy:     Conducted over one-hundred hours of interviews with witnesses, law enforcement, lawyers, social services, and others Obtained highly sensitive information regarding the activities of satanic organized crime in Florida Obtained names of kidnapping operatives claiming to be FBI and CIA agents