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Buttercup of Doom is a weekly podcast hosted by Kelli Owen and brought to you by Project Entertianment Network. Everyone else is doing reviews and news and genre-based things, and Kelli’s never been very good at following the crowd. So each week Kelli will offer writing advice, share a smile, rant about society or social media, toss a bit of gypsy wisdom out there, and occasionally have guests. There will be highs. There will be lows. There will be swearing (you’ve been warned). There might be cookies.


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Lick The Screen | ButterCup of Doom EP 09

Subculture Corsets

In this episode … It’s all about getting personal. Starting with a requested 101 from the Kiddie Pool, and rolling into the reason for the title of this episode. Then I rant my little pants ... Read More »

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