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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!


Car Buying Consulting Specialist navigateright Episode

Buying Your Car Just Got Simpler!

On today's show we will talk about why women get hit the hardest when trying to purchase an automobile... How to avoid been taken advantage of, and what not to do... We will also introduce our new Executive Assistant in the Car Buying Industry, Ms. Nadia Edison. 
Ms. Edison comes to us from Omaha Nebraska and will be heading up our division for Women Auto Buyers.  We feel under our tutaledge and her efforts, we can make a winning team for this entity of our business.... Please help us welcome her by Hitting the Like Us" on our Face Book Page for Car Buyer's Etcetera.  
Our Call-In Guest Number today is 347-202-0582