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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!


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"Car Buyer's Etcetera Helps Aspiring Young Employees w/Sponsorship Program!"

Car Buyer’s Etcetera has been helping women purchase cars since 1995?  But, did you know that we also help young adults needing a good start in life?  The CBE, Inc Sponsorship Program runs for 90-180 days; & designed to do the following.  Support, both financially, for housing when they move into areas outside of their family & friend circle of more than 600 miles, and; Studying to achieve a degree, or furthering their education.  Our 2 Newest Recipients are; Nicole Richman & Debra Brennan of Pennsylvania, & we offer;

1).  Summer Internship/employment. (2). Products & services used to raise money for their cause. (3). A Guidance Program, to help w/ Mentoring, which they choose from.  NOTE:  Selected Products* you buy, gives half the cost as a donation.

Selections are: “What the Car Salesman Won’t Tell You ~ We Will!”; $20.00 download to any Smartphone!  $10.00 donation. Our “Speak to an Expert” $35.00 buy/ $17.50 donation.  Men’s Executive Package, or Pampered Women’s Package, a $460.00 value;(not a product) $150.00 donation.  Now, while no one is expected to carry the full burden, we hope their Friends & Family, answers the call, giving a chance to follow their dreams.  Go to the Button with their face on it, at & if you don’t have need for a product, or service; someone you know, does. The only question left; is, "Will YOU HELP THEM?

Car Buyer’s Etcetera, Inc