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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!


Car Buying Consulting Specialist navigateright Episode

" Our 17th Year in Business, and Still Going Strong!"

Today we'll expound on the past  years of Success, and how we are moving forward... without giving up too much info.  We are sad to announce that Jannelle Gray; aka Gray Jaguar on Facebook, no longer represents (in any capacity; and for quite some time) Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc... due to personal issues.... Admist the Holidays we were not in the Studio to make the announcement. Check with our office before engaging with "any person" whom may claim they represent us!  We wish her the best!
Now, moving forward... We are currently seeking a "person of quality" whom can do the job in the capacity of an Executive's Assistant!  And; as an Auto Buying Consulting Company, we have opened up in 2 new areas; in January, which we will be discussing on the show today. This would be a Salary paid position, with incentive bonuses.  We will also be discussing the perils of tax season, and buying a vehicle in this season. Our Phone lines open at 2:05 p.m.; today, and our Call-In number to the show is 1-347-202-0582. Our show opens at 2:00 p.m.
Happy New Year!
Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc