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Thank you for visiting my host page! I'm a Canadian author and speaker. Please join me every week as I share how I approach life, love, and work with gratitude, enthusiasm, and hope. After spending twenty years in public service careers and charity work, I gave up my burgeoning career to reinvent myself as an author, and I've flourished beyond my wildest dreams! I'm sure you've been told your dream was impossible, just like I have. And like everyone else, I've faced challenges and hard times, and I've crafted a path that others can follow, to transform your so-called impossible dreams into a concrete reality. I'd love to share my recipe for success with you, so tune in!


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CALL TO ACTION with Corey Smith

This is likely one of my most important interviews to date, which is why I am classifying it a “CALL TO ACTION” show this week on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. I am kindly eliciting ALL support, kindness, generosity, love and humanity from my loyal radio listeners, podcast subscribers, and social media followers. Vulnerability is in fact a strength – not a weakness. Corey Smith and his daughter, Evelyn, humbly need our help. I too, am asking for your help for this family in their time of ongoing need. Thank you one and all! We appreciate you! A NOT TO BE MISSED SHOW on my C-Suite Radio / C-Suite Network! Corey Smith, port and musician, has been a self-employed carpenter, knifemaker, and now residential wastewater systems designer. The husband of Sophie Smith, they have a daughter, Evelyn. Corey met Sophie at the ashram of their spiritual teacher in 2003, and fell in love at first sight. They settled in Hamilton Ontario in 2006, and since 2008 have called BC’s Sunshine Coast home. Sophie, a long time graphic artist and web designer, was genetically tested for mutations to genes associated with Fronto-temporal dementia, and ALS, and was found to carry both mutations. After a long and heart felt look at the possibilities, they decided to go ahead with their plans to have a child, and Evelyn was born in 2012. Sometime in the spring before Evelyn’s fourth birthday, Sophie started to display outward symptoms of FTD in the form of speech aphasia. It would not be long before Sophie’s speech failed her completely, and soon the hallmark physical symptoms of ALS began to show themselves as well, and Corey became the full time caregiver for both Sophie and Evelyn. Sophie went into a care facility this past November, as her capacity to stand and walk had failed, and care at home became impractical. Corey and Evelyn visit almost daily and take Sophie out in her wheelchair to take the air on the lovely seaside, which is a short walk away. You can contribute through paypal or email money transfer to [email protected] or contact Corey directly about other ways to contribute - his contact information is below.
Corey Smith
Email/PayPal Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 604.989.5673
Mailing Address:
9840 Mckenzie Road
Halfmoon Bay, BC
V0N 1Y2
Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
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