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Thank you for visiting my host page! I'm a Canadian author and speaker. Please join me every week as I share how I approach life, love, and work with gratitude, enthusiasm, and hope. After spending twenty years in public service careers and charity work, I gave up my burgeoning career to reinvent myself as an author, and I've flourished beyond my wildest dreams! I'm sure you've been told your dream was impossible, just like I have. And like everyone else, I've faced challenges and hard times, and I've crafted a path that others can follow, to transform your so-called impossible dreams into a concrete reality. I'd love to share my recipe for success with you, so tune in!


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From Adversity to Empowerment with Nichole Chobin

How does someone who has survived two fiancées passing, being diagnosed with a debilitating disease, and a plane crash evolve into becoming one of the most inspiring human beings on the face of this planet? Nichole Chobin who speaks to and Fortune 500 clients nationwide will tell us how to rise in your own life on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! A NOT TO BE MISSED SHOW on C-Suite Radio / C-Suite Network! Nichole Chobin delivers tailored programs based on a deep understanding of your business and objectives. Through humor and sharing her own personal experiences, she creates a lively environment that captivates, engages, and inspires. Having spoken to and for Fortune 500 clients nationwide, Nichole’s experience and dynamic personality ensures your message will resonate with attendees, and accomplish your goals. Nichole has survived 2 fiances dying, a plane crash, and a debilitating disease that almost partially paralyzed me. I’ve taken these life altering experiences and turned them into positive knowledge and the mastery of passion, purpose, and profession. After years of success as an entrepreneur, business owner, operations director, and professional speaker, her diagnosis—and the emotional roller coaster that followed—opened the door to the next chapter in her life: sharing the message of limitless belief in oneself. And she does just that speaking around the country. With 17 years of experience, Nichole has the skills and mindset to teach others the ability to take any adversity and turn it into empowerment; and does it with many Truth Bombs and A LOT OF HUMOR! Speaking to and for Fortune 500 clients nationwide, businesses large and small, governmental, and non-profit’s Nichole’s way of sharing her experience, high energy, dynamic personality ensures messages resonate with attendees and accomplish the goals that are set. Her life story expands way beyond the debilitating disease that almost partially paralyzed her body. She even surprised herself and came back fighting to become a stronger, healthier, more inspired than ever before. Nichole truly believes that through limitless passion, spirit, and the courage to believe in ourselves, there’s nothing can’t be accomplished. She is determined to share her story with others who may be doubting their hidden power to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.
Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
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