Catholic Pilot


"On a Wing and a Prayer"


Catholic Pilot navigateright Episode

APG 345 – That’s One Impressive Plane!


[42:15] Air India Plane Slammed Into Wall At 250 Km Per Hour But Continued To Fly [1:01:01] American Airlines Flight AA263 Diverted Twice for Emergency Landing [1:10:15] A Belgian air force mechanic accidentally opened fire on and destroyed an F-16 fighter jet while servicing another warplane [1:14:50] Worldwide F-35 fleet grounded temporarily for inspections related to crash [1:17:06] As Hurricane Michael Roared In, Some Expensive Air Force Jets Had To Be Left Behind [1:24:10] Single-Engine Plane Crashes at Gwinnett County Airport [1:26:01] Lockheed Constellation Trucked to TWA Hotel to Serve as a Bar [1:31:13] Incident: France B772 at Sao Paulo on Oct 13th 2018, cumulo glaciei [1:33:23] G150’s Pressurised Door Fatally Struck Captain [1:37:54] Plane May have Crashed in Australia after Canadian Pilot Accidentally Knocked Out by Passenger [1:41:29] ASN Aircraft Accident Beechcraft 300 Super King Air N385KA Tucson International Airport, AZ (TUS) [1:43:11] FAA Relaunches ADS-B Rebate [1:44:25] Pigs in ATL


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