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Christina Weber teaches Christian business owners how to confidently do God's will by unpacking messages and patterns blocking earning more money in less time while embracing their many roles in life.


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How to Be Authentic and Create Heartfelt Connections in Your Marketing Message

One of the questions a beginner business owner asks is this: Where do I start with branding my business? Some marketers may suggest to start with your ideal client. But would it be right to do so?

In this world of skeptical consumers, how do you determine, in the first place, your ideal clients?

Our guest in this episode helps us navigate through branding your business through authenticity and heartfelt approach to marketing.

Stephanie Nivinskus, brand strategist and copywriter, has a unique approach to marketing. She believes every single company has something very special at their core–a story that sets them completely apart from their competition and deeply resonates with their ideal clients. She helps entrepreneurs humanize their brand and bring in more business.