CraftLit—an Annotated Audiobook Podcast of Serialized Classic Literature—now you can knit with a book in your ear


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Love the classics—or wish you did? *** No time to pick up a book? Not any more! *** This weekly annotated audiobook podcast presents curated classic literature in a serialized format. The host—Heather Ordover—"teaches to the joke" by filling in any relevant tidbits before listening to the next chapter of the book. *** Callers regularly send in voicemail comments for play on the air to keep the "book club" vibe going. *** The podcast has been in continuous weekly production since 2006 — our current book, "Sense & Sensibility" by Jane Austen, begins with episode 378.

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Treasure Island Read by Adrian Praetzellis Book Talk: 7:50 ("Thunder" he cried "A week!?!?"): 31:56 ;)   Henry V, Act III, scene IV KATHARINE La main, de hand; les doigts, de fingres. Je pense que je suis le bon ecolier; j'ai gagne deux mots d'Anglois vitement. Comment appelez-vous les ongles? ALICE Les ongles? nous les appelons de nails. KATHARINE De nails. Ecoutez; dites-moi, si je parle bien: de hand, de fingres, et de nails. ALICE C'est bien dit, madame; il est fort bon Anglois… KATHARINE Et le coude? ALICE De elbow. KATHARINE De elbow. Je m'en fais la repetition de tous les mots que vous m'avez appris des a present. ALICE Il est trop difficile, madame, comme je pense. KATHARINE Excusez-moi, Alice; ecoutez: de hand, de fingres, de nails, de arma, de bilbow. ALICE De elbow, madame. KATHARINE O Seigneur Dieu, je m'en oublie! de elbow. Comment appelez-vous le col? CRAFTY Procreate Procreate site MuralJoe Bardot Brush Bob Ross The Bob Ross “Where Are the Paintings?!” video PRE Yellow Jack Yellow Fever Tallow-y   POST Adam Ruins Death