"Crazy Beats Big"


"Crazy Beats Big" is a series of conversations hosted by Kevin Romeo, Founder and Filmmaker with Rhino in Kalamazoo. The show features conversations with entrepreneurs who have embraced the ethos of the underdog. Crazy Beats Big is a celebration of overcoming adversity to accomplish something great. Sometimes you have to get crazy to beat the giant.


"Crazy Beats Big" navigateright Episode

Episode 5: “Kalamadoodle-ing” with a Creative Community

On this episode, Kevin meets with Mike Klok: a designer, illustrator, screen printer and owner of “Stuffed Brain Studio” in Kalamazoo, MI. Mike talks about his appreciation for the Kalamazoo community all all of the creative people that live and thrive there. Through Mike’s love for community and art, he co-founded “Kalamadoodle”: a thriving social event where people can channel their creative side. Additionally, Mike shares how he learned to be comfortable in his own skin, even when he feels like what he’s doing defies the “norm” of other entrepreneurs around him.