"Crazy Beats Big"


"Crazy Beats Big" is a series of conversations hosted by Kevin Romeo, Founder and Filmmaker with Rhino in Kalamazoo. The show features conversations with entrepreneurs who have embraced the ethos of the underdog. Crazy Beats Big is a celebration of overcoming adversity to accomplish something great. Sometimes you have to get crazy to beat the giant.


"Crazy Beats Big" navigateright Episode

Episode 7: MiiR-ly a Drinkware Company with an Empowering Mission

“Most things worth while in life are not easy!” This week, Kevin video chats with Bryan Papé, founder and CEO of MiiR Drinkware Company. From starting out as a child observing his grandfather’s business, to experiencing a life-threatening skiing accident, Bryan utilizes aspects of his journey to help drive MiiR forward. He shares what it’s like to merge a business with major philanthropy efforts, and what areas of growth they have found along the way to make MiiR the best it can be, while still giving back to those in need. Bryan validates that being an entrepreneur is not always the easiest, and can have its challenges, but he shares how he still achieves a successful work/home-life balance amongst all the chaos of a thriving organization.