"Crazy Beats Big"


"Crazy Beats Big" is a series of conversations hosted by Kevin Romeo, Founder and Filmmaker with Rhino in Kalamazoo. The show features conversations with entrepreneurs who have embraced the ethos of the underdog. Crazy Beats Big is a celebration of overcoming adversity to accomplish something great. Sometimes you have to get crazy to beat the giant.


"Crazy Beats Big" navigateright Episode

Episode 8 : How Can We Create a Better Drinking Culture?

On this episode, Kevin invites entrepreneurs Jason Ley and Cam Brieden of Better Drinking Culture (BDC) back into the studio to share their stories. (This was a second recording we did with them, because we had audio issues the first time... Second time's a charm!) The conversation dives into stories involving alcohol, and how nearly all negative experiences with alcohol are the result of over-consumption. Today we'll hear the purpose behind why BDC does the work that they do, and how it's creating a lasting impact with others. This episode gets really authentic as Jason and Cam dive into what we all as a society can do to truly help cultivate a better drinking culture.