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Quantum, Cyber, Oh My! The Best of RSA 2019 - CF054

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim dive into recapping some of the
best content from RSA 2019! We pack in a lot of content this show -- ranging
from a deep-dive into the most pervasive attack techniques in cybersecurity
today to a comprehensive review on the state of quantum computing. Whether you
are a math nerd, physicist, computer guy, or generalist -- there is something
for everyone in the quantum content we cover. We bring you what the modern
frontier looks like on the sunset side of RSA 2019, which had over 42,000 in
attendance this year spanning the entire enterprise industry. It’s a show you
won’t want to miss! We’ll wrap up some other content next time given how much we
pack in this episode, so stay tuned.