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Welcome to Dancehall Now, your Modern Dancehall 101 Show featuring the best new Caribbean music,
and the best Caribbean artists on the planet. Get ready to make note of the songs you hear so that you can
request them on your local stations and purchase them to add your catalog.

Your hosts are Kahlil Wonda, Terri K, and SuperPEC. We start off featuring hot new exclusive singles before moving into the mixshow hour & the best Soca of the 2013 season plus the hottest new dancehall riddims. We also feature big interviews and segments called ‘As Told By Terri K’ and the “Dancehall Now International Top Rated 8 @ 8 Countdown”
counting down the top 8 reggae and dancehall songs of the week. RSS Feed URL

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Dancehall Now Top Rated 8 Countdown 9-17-13

Dancehall Now’s International Top Rated 8 at 8 Countdown is a collective of the top eight Caribbean music singles across the World. We scour all international reggae and dancehall charts, taking a composite of the top songs and placing them into our special matrix, which always spits out in out in precise order the top rated eight singles.

Have a request for a single to be featured on Dancehall Now? Email me at [email protected] - I would love to hear from you!


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