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Dee Snider's, of Twisted Sister fame, radio show from the early 2000 decade. Dee's other projects include Strangeland, SMFs, Widowmaker, House of Hair, Fangoria Radio, Van Helsing's Curse & March of Dimes Bikers for Babies. Presented by RSS Feed URL

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Dee Snider Radio April 18 2001

Trip to Africa promo, Laughter of the Chicken play, Darkside’s taking the radio station’s car story, recap of; women get drunk more than men, Virgin Mary sightings, woman cuts off husband’s ear, lip prints, prison, Ronald McDonald charity. At home with Mudbone gardening, smoking, Dee mail about euro sticker, President Bush, organ donations, death policy for cop killers, retarded people, new flag, foul balls, Timothy Mcveigh, love makes you stupid, eating neighbor’s pets, extreme workout, family organ donor, a Mariner’s player won’t change in locker room, drugs and hoagies, nail polish & cell phones, Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddy Prince Jr., Dee mail, elevator riders, Sagen Zie Vas game “Gene Simmons” and “Al Pacino” calls in to play with everyone, top 35 things Darkside will never say, Dee ero stickers, The Monkees, at home with Mudbone again, peeps response to; Nick’s comments about hormones, Mudbone, online cast, Darkside’s ass. Dee’s fart in the gym story, President Bush in China, Weakest Link, man teaches how to be a gigolo, bullet proof gown, praying world record, man arrested because his fly was down, Brittany Spears, condoms, Madonna’s used underwear, a peep calls in with broken condom story, pro & con peeps responses for Nick’s drinking & driving, Peter Tork interview, Dee mail, washing your hands in the bathroom songs, what we learned today. Keyworded by Metal Kitten!!