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Dee Snider's, of Twisted Sister fame, radio show from the early 2000 decade. Dee's other projects include Strangeland, SMFs, Widowmaker, House of Hair, Fangoria Radio, Van Helsing's Curse & March of Dimes Bikers for Babies. Presented by RSS Feed URL

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Dee Snider Radio August 23 2001

Dee wonders if you can ever get use to morning radio lifestyle, Beth’s music choice, Nick’s voice, Dee discusses coming up on the show, Darkside’s Dad, Dee has a business card, recap of; McDonald’s Monopoly scandal, gender smoking, mustaches, man cuts off ball in protest. See-Do promo, Bikers for Babies promo, radio reception problems, Dee’s nose job, peeps response to Twisted Sister behind the music, Moonchild behind the music, Shannon Elizabeth, Euro sticker story, parents having/not having sex, more response to TS behind the music, On the road with Mudbone Texas, lottery jackpot, Nick’s lottery winning wishes, peep calls in about Nick’s comment on a gay NFL player, Gary Condit, hurricane, dipping techniques, new “how many” website, “mooning” a little league team, driver instructor listens to 104 story, peeps response to Nick’s liking Christina Aguilera, non smelling Adidas, mandles, researches are a waste, tomato festival, car centerfold, Tony Danza, Mariah Carey, Taylor Hawkins, Bono’s dad passes, farting machine, The Exorcist, mystery guest is missing, peeps reactions/letters, replay of Sully of Godsmack interview, Dee’s “package”, Dee’s story about placing his junk in tight jeans, voices of metal promo, peeps reactions, lizard man, replay of Psycho Dan’s music choice fiasco, On the Road with Mudbone in Texas, Yoo-Hoo, panty thief, serial killers, power ball loser, Bryant Gumble divorce, Sandra Bernhard, Shallow Hal, Dave Matthews, behind the scenes at the White House, what we learned today (missing mystery guest was suppose to be Vince Neil). Keyworded by Metal Kitten.