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Dee Snider's, of Twisted Sister fame, radio show from the early 2000 decade. Dee's other projects include Strangeland, SMFs, Widowmaker, House of Hair, Fangoria Radio, Van Helsing's Curse & March of Dimes Bikers for Babies. Presented by RSS Feed URL

Dee Snider Radio navigateright Episode

Dee Snider Radio July 10 2001

Returning from vacation, Dee reminisces the past 2 years, VH1 Snider show, Nicolas Cage, post office vs email, D-day 2 memories & reactions, son shoots father, rock cats plans, funeral homes, military, Condit’s attorney, guesses on Chandra Levy, funeral song, drowned blow up doll, snake bites penis, urine, German sex commercials, food contests, jealousy, some one erased sound bits during vacation, Darkside’s vacation story, Nick’s dog walking service, Nick’s vacation list, Beth’s vacation story, Dee’s vacation story, Dee’s SMF Germany story, Yankees, D-Day responses, gun shots, aquarium, more Chandra Levy guesses, shark attack victim, CPR, sweepstakes winner, naked bum run, autobahn, pig grunts, library returns, back street boy rehab, George Harrison, Carson Daily, Australians, D mail, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten!