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Dee Snider's, of Twisted Sister fame, radio show from the early 2000 decade. Dee's other projects include Strangeland, SMFs, Widowmaker, House of Hair, Fangoria Radio, Van Helsing's Curse & March of Dimes Bikers for Babies. Presented by RSS Feed URL

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Dee Snider Radio July 20 2001

Tito and the tarantulas, possible plans for D-day 3, Darkside’s scabbing tattoo, old childhood bedrooms, Nick living with parents, inheritances, postponed fitness challenge till next week, Man’s show plans for Monday, peeps responses to; shower curtains, Sean’s poverty, large women. Shallow relationships, Rock Cats, Katherine Hepburn, faking death, Mcenro win, wasting tax money, DJ pay, life after death, sleeping, PMS, shark attack, fly fishing, prostitute bit a testicle, sex in the library, water to wake up drivers, Dee left alone in studio, puberty & parents, upcoming weekend plans, Hedwig and the angry inch, more weekend plans, Darkside “bombed” the room, D mail responses to; Jenson brothers, dating women with children. Hepburn again, circus trainer dies, MTV’s most memorable moments, celebrity cost of living, Goonies, Laura Flynn Boyle, wedding rings, Billy Bob Thorton, Nikki Taylor, David Spade, Planet of the Apes, response from peeps, Dee’s Stephen King’s story, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten!!!